Introducing Serverless Cloud

Oct 13, 2021

Introducing the hyper-productive serverless app platform with single second deployments!

We’ve championed serverless development since the beginning, but let’s be honest, it’s gotten way too complicated. Too many primitives, too many configuration options, too many services to manage, and too many clunky development tools that fail to live up to the promise of “just write code”. 

Let’s face it, unless you have a team of cloud experts, adopting serverless can be a long and difficult journey. Now, we’re huge believers in the potential of serverless, I mean, it’s right there in our name. But a bunch of us from the serverless community got together and thought, hey, there’s got to be a better way, because the serverless era of cloud needs a new developer experience.

After years of hard work, we present the public preview of Serverless Cloud, a new platform that lets you build and deploy serverless apps faster and more easily than ever before.

Here's why it's a game-changer...

Less Cloud Complexity

Serverless Cloud is a vendor-agnostic abstraction on top of AWS and others. It's not trying to do everything.  But what it does well are the use-cases you build every single day. Create REST and GraphQL APIs, use our built-in database, schedule tasks, store secrets, process data changes, and much more.

There's no config files or YAML in Serverless Cloud. There’s no need to configure 30 different cloud services just to make an API. Serverless Cloud interprets infrastructure from code, and deploys exactly what you need, automatically.

Rapid Cloud Development

Serverless Cloud helps you develop on the cloud—fast. Install it with NPM, run the `cloud` command to create an app, and answer a few simple prompts. In seconds you're up and running with a live, auto-scaling, serverless front-end and backend.

On every save, your changes sync to the cloud in less than a second. Your logs and errors stream into the CLI in real-time. You develop in the same type of environment as your production app–at the speed of local development.

Better Cloud Workflows

And Serverless Cloud makes testing, sharing, and deploying your apps incredibly simple.

Every developer can clone an app into their personal sandbox, including code and the data, and work on it with complete autonomy. Every new feature can be shared in its own preview app, so you can get feedback without being blocked. Every test suite can run in isolated environments, destroying themselves when finished, so you can test live apps without making a mess of your database.

And apps can be deployed to production in just seconds.

Every instance of your app is deployed into its own AWS account for total isolation and security. Serverless Cloud provisions and destroys cloud accounts like they were containers.

The First Forkable Cloud

Serverless Cloud is the first forkable cloud. Apps can be shared publicly, allowing anyone in the world to fork it and make it their own. You can even fork your own apps to rapidly develop new services and features.

No Lock-In

Serverless Cloud can be used as your hosting provider, and for most of us, this is a great fit.

But you can also use your own cloud infrastructure account if you want to have complete control or integrate it with your existing systems.

Today, Serverless Cloud works on AWS. In the future, it will deploy to Kubernetes and other cloud providers without rewriting a single line of code. Where you deploy is your choice.

Claim your public profile today, and try it for free at

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it differ from Serverless Framework?

The Serverless Framework is our flagship open source tool that lets you rapidly build event-driven, serverless applications on AWS. The Serverless Framework uses infrastructure as code (IaC) templates to define and configure resources, then provides workflows to deploy your code and infrastructure to AWS using CloudFormation stacks. While this way of developing serverless applications is still very effective, Serverless Cloud takes it to a whole new level. With Serverless Cloud, cloud resources and the underlying infrastructure is completely abstracted away. Serverless Cloud automatically interprets, provisions, and manages your infrastructure, based on your code, leaving you free to focus on solving customer problems rather than infrastructure ones.

What programming languages does it support?

Serverless Cloud currently supports JavaScript and TypeScript.

How much does Serverless Cloud cost?

Serverless Cloud is free during our Public Preview. For more information on our pricing tiers and options, please visit our Pricing & FAQ page.

When can I start building production applications?

During our Public Preview phase, Serverless Cloud will not be providing any SLAs. We also reserve the right to throttle or suspend accounts that abuse the platform. However, if you are looking to move an application into production, please contact us and we will work to accommodate you.

Can I host this in my own AWS account?

During our Public Preview phase, applications are deployed to Cloud Service Provider accounts maintained and controlled by Serverless Cloud. This allows us to maintain a high level of security, compliance, and performance to all applications deployed with our platform. If you are an Enterprise user interested in deploying Serverless Cloud applications to your own managed CSP accounts, please contact Sales for more information.

Can I deploy my apps to Kubernetes or other cloud providers?

We currently only support deploying to AWS. If you are interested in deploying your application to Kubernetes or other cloud providers, please contact Sales for more information.

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