Serverless Cloud spins off as Ampt

Nov 15, 2022

With the introduction of the Serverless Framework in 2015, Serverless, Inc. has been at the forefront of serverless, continuously pushing its limits while helping millions of developers move their workloads to the cloud. Although serverless capabilities have come a long way over the last 7 years, it’s been at the expense of additional complexity, more configuration, and increased developer frustration. That’s why two years ago we set out on a mission to make it even simpler to rapidly develop, deploy, and manage highly scalable serverless applications in the cloud.

Since then, our Serverless Cloud team has worked to completely reimagine cloud development, looking for ways to reduce complexity without sacrificing the full power of the cloud. They introduced "Infrastructure FROM Code" to dramatically reduce complex configurations. They pioneered sub-second sandbox deployments that eliminated the need to emulate cloud services locally. They enabled hyperproductive workflows for backend and fullstack applications. And that was only the beginning!

Today, I'm excited to announce our Serverless Cloud product is spinning off into a new company to continue on this mission. Introducing Ampt.

Ampt up with potential!

The Serverless Cloud team, led by Jeremy Daly, launched the initial version of the product in early 2021. It became immediately clear how simple and intuitive it was to build data-backed APIs and scheduled tasks using the "Infrastructure FROM code" approach. With continued investments into the product, the team expanded use cases, launched full-featured dashboards, and introduced advanced syncing technology to enable insanely fast cloud feedback loops. For the last year, the team has been collaborating with design partners around the world to create innovative new products using Serverless Cloud. The learnings from these partners have been invaluable, and have helped shape the future vision of the Ampt platform.

The Ampt spin-off reflects the evolution of Serverless Cloud from simply another PaaS to a complete paradigm shift aimed at disrupting the antiquated process used to build and deploy cloud applications. Ampt incorporates all of the technology of Serverless Cloud, as well as new features, partner integrations, and extensibility tools. Ampt's ultimate goal is to automatically provision, manage, and optimize cloud infrastructure, letting developers focus on writing application logic instead of wrestling with complex infrastructure configuration. We are at the start of the next evolution of cloud computing, and Ampt is leading the way.

Next steps for Serverless Cloud users

Serverless Inc. remains committed to empowering serverless teams with developer-first observability for apps built on AWS Lambda. We’re going to continue on that mission while Jeremy and his team work to realize the full potential of Ampt. Jeremy will lead Ampt as CEO and, accompanied by the amazing engineers that built Serverless Cloud, they will continue to support Serverless Cloud and its users as they work to launch the new Ampt platform. If you have any questions about this transition, please feel free to contact

Go get Ampt!

If you want to learn more about Ampt and stay updated on this revolutionary new platform, be sure to add your name to the waitlist at You can also check out Jeremy's official announcement on the Ampt Blog.

Ampt is at the beginning of what I know will be a major paradigm shift that disrupts the cloud application development market for the better. Now go get Ampt!

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