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Zero-friction development tooling for auto-scaling apps on AWS Lambda.


Effortless Troubleshooting

Powerful performance and error monitoring apps out-of-the-box.
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Real-time metrics, logs & alerts—instantly
Simply deploy with Serverless Framework to enable real-time metrics, logs & alerts for all of your serverless apps. No set-up required.
No more scavenger hunts
Across all infra, apps, and AWS accounts, your performance, errors, logs are centralized conveniently in the dashboard for you and your team.
Debug faster with the Explorer
Instantly query across every AWS Lambda invocation, API Request, and more, to drill down into specific errors and performance bottlenecks with the Explorer.
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Optimized for Serverless Workflows

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Easy setup, zero maintenance
Connect to your AWS and Github accounts, select your repo, and you are ready to test and deploy.
Preview deployments & auto-cleanup
Automatically deploy changes from pull requests to a preview stage so your team can view the results, status, and test it out.
Security built-in
No more copying and pasting your AWS account keys or other account credentials into scripts or environment variables. Use AWS Access Roles to generate short-lived credentials per deployment.
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Build more, manage less.

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Focus on innovation, not maintenance and scale.
Serverless Framework is free & open-source.

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