#Blob Storage Trigger

Azure Functions Blob Storage trigger lets you listen on Azure Blob Storage. Full documentation can be found on azure.com.

#Blob Storage Events

#Blob Storage Trigger

This setup specifies that the hello function should be run when a new Blob Storage item appears on the blob container "hello/{name}", where {name} is the name of the blob uploaded..

Here's an example:

# serverless.yml

    handler: handler.hello
      - blob:
        name: item #<string>, default - "myBlob", specifies which name is available on `context.bindings`
        path: hello/{name}
        connection: AzureWebJobsStorage #<string>, default - "AzureWebJobsStorage", App Setting/environment variable which contains Storage Account Connection String
// handler.js

'use strict';

module.exports.hello = function (context, item) {
  context.log('Received item: ${item}');

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