Get started with Serverless Framework Open Source & AWS

Getting started with Serverless Framework’s Open Source CLI and AWS only takes a few minutes. Install as a standalone binary, or with npm.

Install as a standalone binary


To install the latest version, run this command in your terminal:

curl -o- -L | bash

To install an specific version you may set a VERSION variable, for example:

curl -o- -L | VERSION=2.21.1 bash

Then, open another terminal window to run the serverless program.


Install with Chocolatey:

choco install serverless

via npm

Note: If you don’t already have Node on your machine, you’ll need to install it first. We suggest using the latest LTS version of NodeJS.

Install the serverless CLI:

npm install -g serverless

Initial setup

Run the command below and follow the prompts:


The command will guide you to create a new serverless project.

Note: Users in China are presented with a setup centered around the chinese Tencent provider. If you're based in China and prefer to be presented with steps as outside of China, set the following environment variable: SERVERLESS_PLATFORM_VENDOR=aws



serverless upgrade


choco upgrade serverless

via npm

npm update -g serverless

Set up your free Dashboard account

Learn more about the Serverless Framework Dashboard and sign up for free.

Once you’ve signed up, login to your dashboard from the CLI:

serverless login

You can either add a new service in your dashboard, or with the CLI, using the command:

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