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engineering culture - 14.11.18

The true cost of a new employee: compensation calculator for startups

Employee compensation is probably your biggest expense, but the total cost of an employee goes beyond their salary. Use this total compensation calculator to accurately budget!

written by Casey Shultz

engineering culture - 17.09.18

Keeping the culture in remote culture

When your team team is distributed or remote, building a company culture takes a different kind of effort. Here's how we keep culture strong at Serverless.

written by Thom Crowe

engineering culture - 03.09.18

The Serveless design ethos: creating brand identity from a green field

I’m laying out my design process for those interested in creating a solid brand identity—whether its from a green field, or you’re working to evolve an existing one.

written by Andre Pires

engineering culture - 30.08.18

How to win followers & thought-leader people in 10 weeks

The Serverless team wanted to get more active on social media, so we created a 10 week program. It was so successful, we decided to open source it!

written by Andrea Passwater

guides & tutorialsengineering culture - 15.08.18

How to streamline your serverless workflow with WebStorm

In this post, I’d like to share with you my serverless-specific IDE setup with WebStorm, and how it can massively accelerate your serverless workflow.

written by Eslam Hefnawy

newsengineering culture - 19.07.18

2018 Serverless Community Survey: huge growth in serverless usage

We asked you, our dev community, how you’re using serverless. And even we were surprised by how much things have grown. Ready for the data?

written by Andrea Passwater

engineering culture - 16.07.18

Get in where you fit in: inclusion and diversity in tech

I'm Charmmie Hendon, and I'm passionate about diversity and inclusion in tech. Here's a bit of my personal experience, and how you too can affect change.

written by Charmmie Hendon

engineering cultureguides & tutorials - 20.06.18

On serverless, data lock-in and vendor choice

Vendor choice is the most important thing IT leaders could be thinking about today. And the path to achieving it is data portability.

written by Nick Gottlieb

engineering culture - 12.06.18

Giving back to the community with a TeenTech coding workshop

We're always trying to find ways we can give back to our local community. Our latest adventure: organizing a TeenTech coding workshop for high schoolers.

written by Molly Moore

newsengineering culture - 10.04.18

Introducing our first cohort of 2018 Serverless Champions

Serverless Champions are leaders in the Serverless Community. Meet our 2018 community heroes.

written by Rupak Ganguly

engineering culture - 04.04.18

Strategies for working with remote and distributed teams

Distributed teams allow you to hire the best people from over the world. Here are some lessons learned, and how-tos, for doing them right.

written by Casey Shultz

engineering culture - 29.03.18

How we raised over $400 for charity in an hour

Want to do something to give back to your community? Here's how the Serverless team raised over $400 for charity in an hour.

written by Molly Moore

guides & tutorialsoperations & observabilityengineering culture - 21.03.18

When (and why) not to go serverless

The benefits, and the drawbacks, to serverless are real. When (and why) not to go serverless.

written by Andrea Passwater

guides & tutorialsengineering culture - 19.03.18

How to contribute to Serverless open source projects

Interested in contributing to Serverless open source projects? Here's how you can.

written by Andrea Passwater

newsengineering culture - 09.03.18

Serverless by the numbers: 2018 report

Serverless usage stats: event sources, service structures, runtimes, and more.

written by Andrea Passwater

engineering culture - 23.02.18

The serverless path to building better software

Nick Gottlieb shares his ServerlessConf Tokyo talk on serverless, the state of software, and ways to accelerate productivity.

written by Nick Gottlieb

engineering culture - 09.02.18

Communication strategies for remote teams

The Serverless team is distributed all over the world. Here's how we manage communication strategies and work together (remotely).

written by Felix Desroches

engineering cultureguides & tutorials - 05.02.18

Using the Serverless Dashboard plugin for Atom

Making it easier to manage serverless applications from within the Atom editor

written by Rupak Ganguly

engineering culture - 01.02.18

Serverless style - my journey from fashion to tech

Our newest team member, Charmmie, entered the tech industry from a career in high fashion. Here's her story.

written by Charmmie Hendon

engineering culture - 24.01.18

How to apply design thinking to lean startup software development

Our foray into mixing design thinking with agile development—what worked, and what didn't.

written by Brian Neisler

guides & tutorialsengineering culture - 22.01.18

Where to start: the most popular Framework plugins

Take your Serverless development to the next level. Check out our most popular community plugins.

written by Andrea Passwater

user storiesengineering culture - 09.01.18

From chef to Serverless developer in 4 years

I started out my career as a chef. Now I'm a serverless developer.

written by Kieran McCarthy

newsengineering culture - 13.12.17

The Serverless Champions Program HAS BEGUN!

Do you have what it takes to be a Serverless Champion?

written by Rupak Ganguly

guides & tutorialsoperations & observabilityengineering culture - 06.10.17

Serverless (FaaS) vs. Containers - when to pick which?

Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless? Let's discuss the respective ups and downs of containers and serverless.

written by Philipp Müns

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