Gareth McCumskey

Gareth has been a web developer since the early nouties and a Serverless developer for three years. Now he is working to educate and help as many developers as possible get to grips with Serverless and build awesome software.

guides & tutorials - 27.12.20

Container Image Support for AWS Lambda
Container Image Support for AWS Lambda has now been added. Read up on why you may (or may not) want to use it and how easy it is to use with the framework

written by Gareth McCumskey

guides & tutorials - 06.07.20

Serverless is the ultimate place to experiment
If all you want to do is play around and try stuff without worrying bills and costs, serverless is the place for you!

written by Gareth McCumskey

guides & tutorials - 06.03.20

CI/CD for monorepos
How do we deploy services all collected under a single monorepo in git?

written by Gareth McCumskey

guides & tutorials - 17.02.20

Managing Stages and Environments
Being able to manage multiple different stages of deployment within different environments is essential, and Serverless Framework Pro shows you how

written by Gareth McCumskey

guides & tutorials - 11.02.20

Promotion Pipelines
Find out what deployment strategies Serverless Framework Pro's CI/CD feature gives us for managing deployments as a team

written by Gareth McCumskey

operations & observabilityguides & tutorials - 24.01.20

How to Troubleshoot Serverless API’s
Find out how we go about debugging and troubleshooting our Serverless APIs with Serverless Framework Pro

written by Gareth McCumskey

news - 03.12.19

Provisioned Concurrency: What it is and how to use it with the Serverless Framework
If you were trying to use Lambda in a use case that was very latency sensitive, cold starts were probably your greatest concern. AWS has heard the concerns

written by Gareth McCumskey

news - 02.12.19

All the Serverless announcements at re:Invent 2019
Not at AWS re:Invent? That's ok; we're compiling all the most important serverless announcements and updates. Updating live all week.

written by Gareth McCumskey

guides & tutorials - 31.10.19

Running cron jobs in the cloud - Amazon EC2 vs AWS Lambda
In this article, we compare Amazon EC2 and AWS Lambda for running cron jobs in AWS and offer guidance for when to choose which of the two.

written by Gareth McCumskey

guides & tutorials - 23.10.19

Creating, monitoring, and testing cron jobs on AWS
In this article we walk you through how to create a cron job on AWS using AWS Lambda and Serverless Framework and how to get the right alerts and security measures in place.

written by Gareth McCumskey

guides & tutorials - 02.08.19

Secrets Management for AWS Powered Serverless Applications
Storing application secrets in serverless applications is a hot topic that provokes many (often contradictory) opinions on how to manage them right.

written by Gareth McCumskey

news - 11.07.19

Plugins Support Program
With the importance of plugins to the Serverless ecosystem, we had to find a way to thank our community and offer our support

written by Gareth McCumskey

guides & tutorials - 02.07.19

How to Create a Serverless GraphQL API for MySQL, Postgres and Aurora
Learn how you can build a serverless GraphQL API for MySQL, Postgres and Aurora DB.

written by Gareth McCumskey

guides & tutorials - 25.06.19

Serverless Microservices in a Team
How do we build Serverless microservices as a team?

written by Gareth McCumskey

guides & tutorials - 30.05.19

Serverless Local Development
We're building serverless applications as collections of serverless microservices dependant on cloud infrastructure. So how do we develop locally?

written by Gareth McCumskey

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