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Serverless Framework Pro provides the tools you need to manage the full serverless application lifecycle, including zero-config CI/CD, monitoring, troubleshooting & more.
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Streamline development


Build, compose, & deploy serverless apps 20x faster than with traditional cloud provisioning tools. Leverage Components “dev” command to watch for code changes, trigger deploys and stream logs. Simple, reusable, vendor agnostic.

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Dev Studio beta

Spend more time coding and less time waiting. Studio seamlessly bridges your familiar, local development environment with native, cloud-based services, by providing super-fast rebuilds, real-time metrics and logs, and an easy way to invoke your app.

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Simplify CI/CD

Serverless CI/CD

Connect to your AWS and Github accounts, select your repo, and you are ready to test and deploy. No more shell scripts, test commands, dependency installation, deploy commands or configuration files in your repo.

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Preview Deployments

Automatically deploy changes from pull requests to a preview stage so your team can view test results, deployment status, and test out services. When you are done with your pull request and delete your branch, your services are automatically removed.

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Zero config monitoring

Metrics & alerts

With Pro there is no need to spend time instrumenting your code in order to monitor your application’s performance and health.

Pre-configured alerts help you keep your applications optimized. Get notified via Slack, email, webhook or SNS.

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The transaction explorer in Pro lets you scan for anomalies in memory usage, durations, cold starts and errors in your serverless applications. Dive down from charts into the details of any transaction to view spans, logs and stack traces.

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Out of the box security


Pro includes a number of pre-defined and configurable safeguard policies. Use them to enforce security requirements, operational best practices, and organizational conventions. Create your own policies to enforce your own best practices.

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Admin Dashboard

Define your team in Pro and configure stage-specific settings so developers can securely manage and use secrets and cloud accounts. Leverage shared output variables to enable developers to easily share state across independent services.

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