Serverless Framework Pricing
Free for hackers, only $20/user/mo for teams.
All plans include Serverless Framework CLI, unlimited CI/CD deployments, unlimited monitoring, unlimited troubleshooting, unlimited configuration management, and developers tools subject to the fair use policy.
Enable monitoring, debugging, CI/CD, secrets & more for your serverless apps, for free!
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Deploy from
  • GitHub personal accounts
  • Bitbucket personal accounts
  • Command line interface
Ideal for teams bringing serverless apps into production and scaling them. Includes all free features plus...
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Deploy from
  • GitHub organization accounts
  • Bitbucket organization accounts
  • Command line interface
  • Unlimited team members
  • Run 2 builds concurrently
  • Additional builds for $25/mo
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Custom packages designed for the needs of your company. Includes all features plus...
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Deploy from
  • GitHub Enterprise
  • Bitbucket Server
Self Hosted Option
Host everything on your own AWS account.
Frequently asked questions
What happens if I exceed the fair use policy?
We want to offer a lot of value for free so you can get your idea off the ground, before introducing any infrastructure cost. The intent of the fair use policy is to ensure that we can provide a high quality of service without incurring significant infrastructure costs. The great majority of users will fall well within range of the typical usage guidelines. While we reserve the right to throttle services if usage exceeds the fair use policy, we do not intend to do so as long as we can deliver a high quality of service without significant infrastructure costs.

If you anticipate your project will exceed these guidelines, please contact our support team. We’ll work with you on a plan which scales well.
What are concurrent builds?
If you are using the CI/CD service, then your service will automatically deploy from Github or Bitbucket. A concurrent build refers to the number of jobs (build, test, deploy) which can run at the same time. The free tier includes 1 concurrent build and the team tier includes 2 concurrent builds. This is enough for the majority of use cases; however, if you have a high volume of CI/CD deployments, you can buy more concurrent builds for $20/mo.
What's the difference between Github/Bitbucket organization and personal accounts?
Automatic deployments with CI/CD are included on both the Free and Team tiers; however, the Free tier is limited to deployments from personal user accounts. Deployments from organization accounts are available on the Team tier.
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes. Just hit the “cancel” button on the dashboard at any time and you’ll be cancelled immediately.
When do I get charged?
All payments are processed on the first day of each month.
Are there limits on how much I can monitor?
No, there are no hard limits for the number of monitoring events. The legacy Free and Team tiers had limits but those have been deprecated.
Are there limits on deployments?
No. Deployments via CLI are not limited. Automatic deployments via CI/CD are not limited; however, each deployment is limited to 30 mins.
Do I get charged for a user I add and then remove?
Yes. In each billing cycle the number of users is determined by the high water mark for the number of users. For example, if you start the billing cycle with 4 users, then add 1, but remove them before the end of the billing cycle, you will be charged for 5 users.
Why don’t you bill by events anymore?
On July 7th we updated the billing model to simplify and reduce the bill. Prior to that update the pricing model included fees for monitoring events. In most cases these additional charges did not account for a significant portion of the bill. As such, we’ve eliminated these charges to simplify billing.
I used to be able to have three users on free tier; can I still do that?
If you signed up for an account before July 7th and you had 2 or 3 members in your organization, then your organization account is grandfathered into the legacy Free tier. The legacy free tier includes up to 3 members. If you signed up after July 7th, then you will be on the new Free tier which includes 1 member per organization.
What is a monitoring event?
Serverless Framework includes monitoring of AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda. Monitoring depends on monitoring events to generate the metrics views, invocation explorer, alerts, and invocation details for all functions and API endpoints. Each API Gateway call will generate a monitoring event and each AWS Lambda invocation will generate a monitoring event.