Serverless Static

Easily serve files from a folder while developing on localhost with the serverless-offline plugin

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:package: :sparkles: Serverless Static Plugin



Deploy functionality is in active development, it soon will be available

1.install the plugin

First, add Serverless Static to your project, be sure that you already have the serverless-offline plugin already installed

$ npm install serverless-static --save-dev

or, if serverless-offline is not already installed

$ npm install serverless-static serverless-offline --save-dev

2. add it to your serverless.yml file

Then inside your project's serverless.yml file add following entry to the plugins section: serverless-static. If there is no plugin section you will need to add it to the file.

It should look something like this:

  - serverless-offline
  - serverless-static 

3. customize behavior (optional)

    path: ./public # select the folder you want to serve
    port: 8000 # select a specific port 

# this will overide default behavior
# it will serve the folder ./public
# it will serve it throught localhost:8000

--- ## Todo

  • [ ] support for serving multiple directories
  • [ ] deploy / sync folder and bucket ---