Serverless Stage Manager

Super simple Serverless plugin for validating stage names before deployment

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Super simple serverless plugin for validating stage names before deployment.

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Install using Serverless plugin manager

serverless plugin install --name serverless-stage-manager

Install using npm

Install the module using npm:

npm install serverless-stage-manager --save-dev

Add serverless-stage-manager to the plugin list of your serverless.yml file:

  - serverless-stage-manager


Add a stages value in the custom section of your serverless.yml file and specify an array of valid stage names.

    - dev
    - staging
    - prod


When running serverless deploy or serverless deploy function, it will check to make sure it is a valid stage name before continuing. For example:

# Given the above configuration of dev, staging & prod

# These will work
serverless deploy -s prod
serverless deploy -s staging
serverless deploy function -f funcName -s dev
serverless deploy # assuming default stage is in custom.stages config

# These will fail
serverless deploy -s foo
serverless deploy function -f funcName -s bar