Serverless Snowflake External Function Plugin

Serverless Plugin for deploying Snowflake External Functions

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Snowflake External Function Serverless Plugin

Serverless Plugin for deploying Snowflake External Functions to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The plugin supports all serverless programming languages including javascript, python, java, scala, clojure, haskell or rust.


To install the plugin, simply install it from the central npm repository:

npm install --save serverless-snowflake-external-function-plugin

Then add serverless-snowflake-external-function-plugin to your serverless.yml's plugins section:

  - serverless-snowflake-external-function-plugin

Starting new project from Serverless Snowflake template (Node)

In case you start the external function development from the beginning, the best and easiest way is to use snowflake-aws-external-function template:

serverless create --template-url -p hello-function
cd hello-function
npm install serverless-snowflake-external-function-plugin
vim serverless.yml # edit snowflake section
vim handler.js # change handler implementation
serverless deploy

This video shows how to deploy your code:


Deployed objects

The sls deploy function creates one api integration snowflake object for your project (equals to your service name) and one external function for each serverless function handler in serverless.yml.

sls remove will remove all api and function snowflake objects.



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