Serverless S3 Bucket Sync

Sync a local folder with a S3 bucket after sls deploy

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⚡️ Serverless Plugin for S3 Sync

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With this plugin for serverless, you can sync local folders to S3 buckets after your service is deployed.


Add the NPM package to your project:

# Via yarn
$ yarn add serverless-s3bucket-sync

# Via npm
$ npm install serverless-s3bucket-sync

Add the plugin to your serverless.yml:

  - serverless-s3bucket-sync


Configure S3 Bucket syncing Auto Scaling in serverless.yml with references to your local folder and the name of the S3 bucket.

    - folder: relative/folder
      bucket: bucket-name

That's it! With the next deployment, serverless will sync your local folder relative/folder with the S3 bucket named bucket-name.


You can use sls sync to synchornize all buckets without deploying your serverless stack.


Feel free to use the code, it's released using the MIT license.


You are welcome to contribute to this project! 😘

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