Serverless Ruby Layer

A Serverless Plugin to auto deploy gems to AWS Layer using Gemfile

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Serverless Ruby Layer

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A Serverless Plugin which bundles ruby gems from Gemfile and deploys them to the lambda layer automatically while running serverless deploy.

It auto-configures the AWS lambda layer and RUBY_PATH to all the functions.


Install ⚡️ serverless. Refer here for serverless installation instructions.

Navigate to your serverless project and install the plugin

sls plugin install -n serverless-ruby-layer

This will add the plugin to package.json and the plugins section of serverless.yml.


Check out the documentation here for,

Getting Started

Simple Usage


service: basic

  - serverless-ruby-layer

  name: aws
  runtime: ruby2.5

    handler: handler.hello


  source ''
  gem 'httparty'

Running sls deploy automatically deploys the required gems as in Gemfile to AWS lambda layer and make the gems available to the RUBY_PATH of the functions hello.handler

Refer example amd docs for more details


The plugin operation can be customized by specifying the custom configuration under rubyLayer.

For example, to use docker environment for packing gem, the below configuration is added to serverless.yml

    use_docker: true

For more detailse refer the docs here


Using the custom configuration, the plugin can be utilized for below cases,

  • Using locally installed bundler for gems without any native extensions - Example - Docs
  • Using Docker for gems with OS native C extensions or system libraries like http, Nokogiri - Example - Docs
  • Preinstall OS packages (yum packages) for gems which requires OS native system libraries like pg, mysql, RMagick - PG ruby2.5 Example , PG ruby2.7 Example - Docs
  • Using Docker with environment variable passthrough - Example - Docs
  • Using Dockerfile for gems which with other OS Linux image or system libraries and utilities - Example - Docs
  • Using Dockerfile with custom build args - Example - Docs
  • Include / Exclude specific functions from layer configuration - Include Example , Exclude Example - Docs
  • Exclude test and development related gems from layer - Example - Docs
  • Using Bundler.require(:default) to require all gems in handler.rb by respecting Gemfile.lock - Example - Docs


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update the tests as appropriate.

Refer Guidelines for more information.