Serverless Plugin Static

Serving static files locally with serverless-offline or a standalone command

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A serverless framework plugin to serve static files locally


  1. Usage requirements
  2. Installation
  3. Quick start

Usage requirements

Requires Node 10.

It's recommended to use this plugin along with serverless-offline.


Obviously, you should have Serverless-framework installed. If it's not, please start from this guide.

Then install the package:

npm install serverless-plugin-static -D

You can start serving the static folder by the CLI command, but probably for local development you should use serverless-offline plugin:

npm install serverless-offline -D

Quick start

Add the plugins to your serverless.yml:

  - serverless-plugin-static
  - serverless-offline

Configure the plugin by providing folder path and server port, default values are:

    folder: ./static
    port: 8080

Start the application:

serverless offline start

You can also start serving files separately by the command:

serverless serve --folder ./static --port 8080

Or with the shortcuts:

serverless serve -f ./static -p 8080

Note: do not use CLI options with serverless-offline start command or any other plugins that create a server, since port argument will cause conflicts.