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Serverless Parcel plugin with watch mode and serverless-offline support

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Serverless plugin for zero-config ES6/7 and Typescript support

This project is mostly a fork of serverless-plugin-typescript and was heavily inspired by that.


  • Zero-config: Works out of the box without the need to install any other compiler or plugins
  • Supports sls package, sls deploy and sls deploy function
  • Supports sls invoke local
  • Integrates nicely with serverless-offline


yarn add -D parcel-bundler serverless-plugin-parcel


npm install -D parcel-bundler serverless-plugin-parcel

Add the following plugin to your serverless.yml:

    - serverless-plugin-parcel


By default, no configuration required, but you can change Parcel behavior by creating custom .babelrc file and in custom parcel section in serverless.yaml config:

        target: node
        cache: false

Check parceljs documentation for the full list of available options.

See example folder for a minimal example.

Automatic compilation

The normal Serverless deploy procedure will automatically compile with Parcel:

  • Create the Serverless project with serverless create -t aws-nodejs
  • Install Serverless Parcel Plugin as above
  • Deploy with serverless deploy

Usage with serverless-offline

The plugin integrates very well with serverless-offline to simulate AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway locally.

Add the plugins to your serverless.yml file and make sure that serverless-plugin-parcel precedes serverless-offline as the order is important:

plugins: ...
    - serverless-plugin-parcel
    - serverless-offline

Run serverless offline or serverless offline start to start the Lambda/API simulation.

In comparison to serverless offline, the start command will fire an init and a end lifecycle hook which is needed for serverless-offline and e.g. serverless-dynamodb-local to switch off resources (see below)


Configure your service the same as mentioned above, but additionally add the serverless-dynamodb-local plugin as follows:

    - serverless-plugin-parcel
    - serverless-dynamodb-local
    - serverless-offline

Run serverless offline start.

Run a function locally

To run your compiled functions locally you can:

$ serverless invoke local --function <function-name>

Options are:

  • --function or -f (required) is the name of the function to run
  • --path or -p (optional) path to JSON or YAML file holding input data
  • --data or -d (optional) input data

Enabling source-maps

You can easily enable support for source-maps (making stacktraces easier to read) by installing and using the following plugin:

yarn add -D source-map-support
// inside of your function
import 'source-map-support/register';

or using babel plugin:

yarn add source-map-support
yarn add -D babel-plugin-source-map-support

in .babelrc:

    "plugins": [




Pavel Vlasov