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Datadog Serverless Plugin

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This serverless framework plugin automatically installs Datadog Lambda layers to your Python and Node.js Lambda functions to collect custom metrics and traces.


You can install the plugin with one of the following commands or add serverless-plugin-datadog to your project's package.json.

yarn add --dev serverless-plugin-datadog         # Yarn users
npm install --save-dev serverless-plugin-datadog # NPM users

Then in your serverless.yml add the following:

  - serverless-plugin-datadog

How it works

This plugin attaches the Datadog Lambda Layers for Node.js and Python to your functions. At deploy time, it redirects to a replacement handler that initializes the Lambda Layers without any required code changes. It also enables X-Ray tracing for your Lambda functions and API Gateways.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because the plugin automatically wraps your Lambda handler function, you do NOT need to wrap your handler function as stated in the Node.js and Python Layer documentation.


module.exports.myHandler = datadog(
  // This wrapper is NOT needed when using this plugin
  async function myHandler(event, context) {},


@datadog_lambda_wrapper # This wrapper is NOT needed when using this plugin
def lambda_handler(event, context):


You can configure the library by add the following section to your serverless.yml:

    # Whether to add the Lambda Layers, or expect the user to bring their own. Defaults to true.
    addLayers: true

    # The log level, set to DEBUG for extended logging. Defaults to info.
    logLevel: "info"

    # Send custom metrics via logs with the help of Datadog Forwarder Lambda function (recommended). Defaults to false.
    flushMetricsToLogs: false

    # Which Datadog Site to send data to, only needed when flushMetricsToLogs is false. Defaults to
    site: # for Datadog EU

    # Datadog API Key, only needed when flushMetricsToLogs is false
    apiKey: ""

    # Datadog API Key encrypted using KMS, only needed when flushMetricsToLogs is false
    apiKMSKey: ""

    # Enable tracing on Lambda functions and API Gateway integrations. Defaults to true
    enableXrayTracing: true

    # Enable tracing on Lambda function using dd-trace, datadog's APM library. Requires datadog log forwarder to be set up. Defaults to true.
    enableDDTracing: true

    # When set, the plugin will try to subscribe the lambda's cloudwatch log groups to the forwarder with the given arn.
    forwarder: arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:000000000000:function:datadog-forwarder

    # When set, the plugin will try to automatically tag lambdas with service and env, but will not override existing tags set on function or provider levels. Defaults to true.
    enableTags: true

flushMetricsToLogs: true is recommended for submitting custom metrics via CloudWatch logs with the help of Datadog Forwarder.


What if I want to provide my own version of datadog-lambda-layer-js or datadog-lambda-layer-python?

If you have the addLayers option enabled, you may also want to add 'datadog-lambda-js' and 'dd-trace' to the externals section of your webpack config. Note that auto instrumentation of libraries that have been webpacked into your bundle won't work, but other tracer features can be used.

How do I use this with serverless-typescript?

Make sure serverless-datadog is above the serverless-typescript entry in your serverless.yml. The plugin will detect automatically .ts files.

  - serverless-plugin-datadog
  - serverless-typescript

Opening Issues

If you encounter a bug with this package, we want to hear about it. Before opening a new issue, search the existing issues to avoid duplicates.

When opening an issue, include your Serverless Framework version, Python/Node.js version, and stack trace if available. In addition, include the steps to reproduce when appropriate.

You can also open an issue for a feature request.


If you find an issue with this package and have a fix, please feel free to open a pull request following the procedures.


Unless explicitly stated otherwise all files in this repository are licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0.

This product includes software developed at Datadog ( Copyright 2019 Datadog, Inc.

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