Serverless Offline Direct Lambda

Allow offline direct lambda-to-lambda interactions by exposing lambdas with no API Gateway event via HTTP.

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A Serverless Offline plugin that exposes lambdas with no API Gateway event via HTTP, to allow offline direct lambda-to-lambda interactions.

Note - this requires the plugin 'serverless-offline'.

To include in your project, add the following to the plugins section in serverless.yml:

- serverless-offline-direct-lambda

To run:

servlerless offline start

(calling the command 'start' is necessary to trigger the plugin, simply running 'serverless online' does not trigger the start hooks).

The plugin will create api-gateway proxies for all lambdas with no triggering events.

You will see output like this:

$ sls offline start
Serverless: Running Serverless Offline with direct lambda support
Serverless: Starting Offline: dev/us-east-1.

Serverless: Routes for myLambda:
Serverless: (none)

Serverless: Routes for my-project-dev-myLambda_proxy:
Serverless: POST /proxy/my-project-dev-myLambda

The body of the POST should match the JSON data that would ordinarily be passed in a lambda-to-lambda call. i.e.


On the client side, abstract the decision to use a direct AWS.lambda.invoke() call or an http call to the proxy using: