Serverless Lambda Edge Pre Existing Cloudfront

A Serverless Framework plugin to create your Lambda@Edge against a pre-existing CloudFront.

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Serverless Lambda Edge PreExisting CloudFront

A Serverless Framework plugin which associates Lambda@Edge against pre-existing CloudFront distributions.


You can install this plugin from npm registry.

$ npm install --save-dev serverless-lambda-edge-pre-existing-cloudfront

How it works

Configure serverless.yml

    handler: lambdaEdge/viewerRequest.handler
      - preExistingCloudFront:
        # ---- Mandatory Properties -----
          distributionId: xxxxxxx # CloudFront distribution ID you want to associate
          eventType: viewer-request # Choose event to trigger your Lambda function, which are `viewer-request`, `origin-request`, `origin-response` or `viewer-response`
          pathPattern: '*' # Specifying the CloudFront behavior
          includeBody: false # Whether including body or not within request
        # ---- Optional Property -----
          stage: dev # Specify the stage at which you want this CloudFront distribution to be updated

  - serverless-lambda-edge-pre-existing-cloudfront

Run deploy

$ serverless deploy

You can specify additional configurations a lambdaEdgePreExistingCloudFront value in the custom section of your serverless.yml file. A validStages value allows you to specify valid stage names for deploy Lambda@Edge.

    - staging
    - production

How validStages and stage properties work

This plugin will first check for validStages property defined in the custom section. If validStages is used, then all the preExistingCloudFront events are only possible to be updated at the validStages. If not used, all the preExistingCloudFront events are possible to be updated at any stage.

Then at all valid stages, the plugin checks - for each preExistingCloudFront event - if the provider's stage is the same as the stage property defined for each preExistingCloudFront event. If they match, then that particular preExistingCloudFront event will be updated.

If stage is not used for a preExistingCloudFront event, then that event will be updated at all validStages or all stages if validStages is not used.