Serverless Hooks

Run npm scripts on serverless hook events

Serverless Hooks

This Serverless plugin allows triggering execution of npm scripts when serverless events are fired.

Simply declare npm scripts with a name of the form hook:EVENT where EVENT is the name of a serverless hook event, i.e.:

  • hook:before:offline:start: Run script before serverless offline launches. This can be particularly useful to setup the local environment, such as launching a local kinesis and initializing it by creating some streams.
  • hook:after:offline:start: Run cleanup scripts after serverless offline terminates.
  • hook:before:package:initialize: Run script before the packaging initialization.


First, add the plugin to your project:

npm install --save-dev serverless-hooks

Then, inside your project's serverless.yml file add serverless-hooks to the top-level plugins section. If there is no plugin section you will need to add it to the file.

  - serverless-hooks


Plugin behavior may be configured by adding keys to the serverless-hooks section in the top-level custom section.

These are the configuration entries and their default values:

    hookPrefix: hook    # The npm script prefix to indicate a serverless hook script
    runAllOptions:      # See for details
      stderr:           # boolean to enable stderr, or path to file
      stdout:           # boolean to enable stdout, or path to file
      stdin:            # boolean to enable stdin, or path to file


When scripts are executed, the environment variable SLS_CONTEXT contains a path to a JSON file with the contents of the serverless object. The available properties are:

  • invocationId: Unique GUID for the current serverless invocation
  • version: Serverless framework version
  • cliCommands: Array with provided CLI commands (e.g. [ 'offline' ])
  • cliOptions: Object with provided CLI options
  • servicePath: Path to directory containing serverless.yml file
  • service: Object with contents of resolved serverless.yml file