Serverless Externals Plugin

Only include listed node modules and their dependencies in Serverless, with support for Rollup and Webpack

Serverless Externals Plugin

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This plugin was made for Serverless builds that use Rollup or Webpack. It does two things:

  • It generates a list of external modules for Rollup/Webpack (should be kept as require() in bundle)
  • It includes those modules and their dependencies in the package which is uploaded with Serverless.

This list of external modules is kept in a file called node-externals.json.

If there's a global module available (like aws-sdk), you can exclude it from the package. See below.

See test/example-project for a typical project.


I wanted to include Cheerio/JSDom and AWS SDK in a Typescript project, but neither could be bundled because of obscure errors, so they needed to be external. To reduce package size, I didn't want to make every module external. Manually looking up a module and adding its dependencies to rollup.config.js and serverless.yml is simply too much work. This plugin makes this much easier.

Typical configuration



  - serverless-externals-plugin

      - aws-sdk
    # file: node-externals.json
    # modules: [is-string, is-array]



["is-string", "is-array", "aws-sdk"]

rollup.config.js (if you're using Rollup):

const externals = require('serverless-externals-plugin').externalsRollup;

module.exports = async function() {
  return {
    input: 'src/main.js',
    external: await externals(__dirname)

webpack.config.js (if you're using Webpack):

const externals = require('serverless-externals-plugin').externalsWebpack;

module.exports = {
  entry: 'src/main.js',
  externals: externals(__dirname)



If you don't like adding a node-externals.json file, you can pass a list of module names to the externals function:

externals(__dirname, ['is-object'])

And declare a list of modules in serverless.yml:

      - is-object


The externals function takes a third argument object, config.

Key | Default | Description --- | --- | --- externalsFilePath | path.join(root, 'node-externals.json') | Path to node-externals.json packagePath | path.join(root, 'package-lock.json') | Path to your package-lock.json or package.json exclude | [] | Filters values from node-externals.json (perfect for globally installed modules, like aws-sdk) ls | {development: false, optional: false, peer: false} | Passed to npm-remote-ls


npm test

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