Serverless DynamoDB TTL

Configure DynamoDB TTL in serverless.yml (until CloudFormation supports this).

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⚡️ Serverless Plugin to set DynamoDB TTL

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AWS CloudFormation supports now TTL, so this plugin for Serverless is useless. More information about how to use it in the AWS documentation.

About the plugin

It's not possible to use DynamoDB's TTL feature with CloudFormation yet. Use this plugin to configure TTL for your DynamoDB with Serverless.


Add the npm package to your project:

# Via yarn
$ yarn add serverless-dynamodb-ttl

# Via npm
$ npm install serverless-dynamodb-ttl --save

Add the plugin to your serverless.yml:

  - serverless-dynamodb-ttl

Configure TTL in serverless.yml:

      - table: your-dynamodb-table-name
        field: your-ttl-property-name

That's it! After the next deployment (sls deploy) serverless will configure your TTL properties in DynamoDB.


Feel free to use the code, it's released using the MIT license.



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Run the tests

# Via yarn
$ yarn test

# Via npm
$ npm test

This will also run standardjs to ensure the changes match the desired code style.