Serverless Dynamo Stream Plugin

Creates and connects DynamoDB streams for pre-existing tables with AWS Lambdas using Serverless.

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The Commandeer Developer IDE - Manage 30+ of the best Cloud Services

  • Available on Mac, Windows, and Linux

Commandeer is a tool built by developers for developers that solves three things in the cloud. First, we are focused on the deployment of your IAC. Secondly, we enable you to ‘Test your Plumbing’. Lastly, Commandeer provides you the ability to easily view your data. (Manage AWS, Algolia, Slack, Twilio, SendGrid, Serverless, LocalStack, Ansible, Docker and more from your desktop) shield

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30+ Supported Services

Docker and LocalStack Support

Support AWS Services

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Contents of this Open-Source Repo

The code base for the Commandeer App is closed-source. To make a great product, we feel that is is better to only serve out a final, polished product with every release. If you look at our Release History you will notice that we have very few minor revisions, which are usually quick patches after a major release. This is because we have a hyper-focus on quality within all our tooling, but especially with our Desktop App, as it is a tool specifically meant to help you with your day to day work.

Docker Compose

This is the docker compose file to install Ansible runner, LocalStack, Portainer, Serverless, and Terraform.

Tank Demo

A demo application for help in creating a service to run in Commandeer

Tank Service Animation

These are still in their infancy.