Serverless Dotenv

Fetch environment variables and write it to a .env file

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About the plugin

This serverless plugin generates a .env file based on the environment variables in the serverless.yml. The idea is to use this environment variables for further tasks like integration tests etc. It works great with serverless offline, so you can start serverless offline, the plugin will hook into the process and create the .env file. You will find the .env file in the .serverless folder of your project.

It will collect the global environment variables of the poject as well as all environment variables of the functions. It will also add API_ENDPOINT and IS_OFFLINE to your environment if you run the plugin via serverless offline.


Add the npm package to your project:

# Via yarn
$ yarn add @jimdo/serverless-dotenv

# Via npm
$ npm instal @jimdo/serverless-dotenv --save

Add the plugin to your serverless.yml:

  - '@jimdo/serverless-dotenv'

That's it! You can now type serverless dotenv in your terminal to generate the .env file based on your serverless configuration. Alternative you can just start serverless offline to generate it.


Feel free to contribute to this project! Our JavaScript is written based on standardJS. We recommend to use a standardJS plugin for your Editor, but you can also lint your code with yarn run lint - respectively npm run lint. Please don't forget to add unit and/or integration tests. Thanks <3