Serverless Docker Artifacts

Build your artifacts within docker container.

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Serverless Docker Artifacts plugin

A Serverless 1.x plugin to build your artifacts within docker container.

Installation and Usage

npm install --save serverless-docker-artifacts

Add the plugin to your serverless.yml file and configure:

  - serverless-docker-artifacts

    path: '.'                        # Defaults to '.'
    dockerfile: Dockerfile-tesseract # Defaults to 'Dockerfile'
    args:                            # Pass args with --build-arg
      TESSDATA: "osd eng rus"
    copy: tesseract-standalone       # Not affected by path

  # If you have more than one
    - path: build/somelib
      copy: somelib
    - path: build/tool
      copy: tool-portable

Then run sls deploy or sls package as usual.

Extra commands

This plugin defines commands to manufacture and clean artifacts without packaging them:

sls dockart create                # Build all artifacts
SLS_DEBUG="*" sls dockart create  # Same, showing all the process

sls dockart clean        # Delete artifacts
sls dockart clean-docker # Delete docker images and containers

Note that if you are debugging a dockerfile you probaly have lots of dangling images and their containers. These are not removed by sls dockart clean-docker, you need to handle it yourself.

API for your plugins

const dockart = require('serverless-docker-artifacts');

// Create an artifact
    path: 'path/to/',
    dockerfile: 'Dockerfile',
    args: {...},
    copy: 'some-dir',

// Remove containers and images