Serverless Deployment Bucket

Create and configure the custom Serverless deployment bucket

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Create and configure the custom Serverless deployment bucket.


By default, Serverless creates a bucket with a generated name like <service name>-serverlessdeploymentbuck-1x6jug5lzfnl7 to store your service's stack state. This can lead to many old deployment buckets laying around in your AWS account and your service having more than one bucket created (only one bucket is actually used).

Serverless' AWS provider can be configured to customize aspects of the deployment bucket, such as specifying server-side encryption and a custom deployment bucket name. However, server-side encryption is only applied to the objects that Serverless puts into the bucket and is not applied on the bucket itself. Furthermore, if the bucket name you specify doesn't exist, you will encounter an error like:

Serverless Error ---------------------------------------

  Could not locate deployment bucket. Error: The specified bucket does not exist

This plugin will create your custom deployment bucket if it doesn't exist, and optionally configure the deployment bucket to apply server-side encryption. To support the AWS S3 API for encryption you can configure this plugin with the following:

For AES256 server side encryption support:

    name: your-custom-deployment-bucket
    serverSideEncryption: AES256

For aws:kms server side encryption support:

    name: your-custom-deployment-bucket
    serverSideEncryption: aws:kms
    kmsKeyID: your-kms-key-id
For bucket access logging support:

    name: your-custom-deployment-bucket
      bucket: "the-already-existing-bucket"
      prefix: "prefix-to-use-for-these-logs"

This plugin also provides the optional ability to enable versioning of bucket objects, however this is not enabled by default since Serverless tends to keep its own copies and versions of state.


npm install serverless-deployment-bucket --save-dev


Add the plugin to your serverless.yml:

  - serverless-deployment-bucket

Configure the AWS provider to use a custom deployment bucket:

    name: your-custom-deployment-bucket
    serverSideEncryption: AES256

Optionally add custom configuration properties:

    versioning: true
    accelerate: true
    blockPublicAccess: true
      - Key: Environment
        Value: production
Property Required Type Default Description
versioning false boolean false Enable versioning on the deployment bucket
accelerate false boolean false Enable acceleration on the deployment bucket
enabled false boolean true Enable this plugin
policy false string Bucket policy as JSON
tags false array Bucket tags as an array of key:value objects
blockPublicAccess false boolean false Block all public access for the deployment bucket


Configuration of your serverless.yml is all you need.

There are no custom commands, just run: sls deploy