Serverless Create Global DynamoDB Table

Serverless plugin to create dynamodb global tables

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A serverless plugin to automatically creates dynamodb global table(s).

By default, the plugin will deploy the whole service stack in the specified region(s) and then setup global table relation between the dynamodb tables.


npm install --save-dev serverless-create-global-dynamodb-table

Add the plugin to your serverless.yml file:

  - serverless-create-global-dynamodb-table


    version: v1 # optional, default is 'v1' (2017.11.29), please use 'v2' for (2019.11.21) version creation
    regions: # list of regions in which you want to set up global tables
      - region-1
      - region-2
    createStack: false # optional flag, when set to false will not deploy the stack in new region(s) and will create the tables using AWS SDK.
                       # if you use 'createStack: true' with 'version: v2', please add 'Condition' rule to your dynamodb to create it in the main region only,
                       # other regions are going to be replicated automatically from the main region.


  1. When creating global tables with createStack: false, any update the source table config is not replicated to global tables.
  2. version field is backward compatible and not required (the field can be absent).
    If you want to use Global Table (Version 2019.11.21), please use version: v2.
    Also, we don't recommend using v2 over v1 in your existing project. The plugin doesn't support updating from v1 to v2.
    More details about Global Tables you can find in the following link: AWS DynamoDB Global Tables
  3. Here is an example of using conditions, by default it's optional, but it's required for createStack: true with version: v2 setup:
  RegionUSEast1: !Equals [ !Ref "AWS::Region", us-east-1 ]

    Condition: RegionUSEast1
    Type: 'AWS::DynamoDB::Table'
    DeletionPolicy: Retain


  • 2.0.0
    • Updated the package to deploy the service stack in the new region(s) by default
    • Added support to setup auto-scaling on global tables when not using create stack feature.
    • Added unit-tests
  • 2.1.0
    • Added support for PAY_PER_REQUEST billing mode for createStack: true mode
  • 3.1.0
    • Added support to create a new version of Global Table (Version 2019.11.21)