Serverless Content Encoding

Enable Content Encoding in AWS API Gateway during deployment

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Serverless Content Encoding

A serverless plugin to enable Content Encoding feature in API Gateway for lambda function response compression.


Using yarn:

$ yarn add -D serverless-content-encoding

Using npm:

$ npm install --save-dev serverless-content-encoding


Add the plugin and its configuration to your serverless.yml file:

  - serverless-content-encoding

    minimumCompressionSize: 0 # Minimum body size required for compression in bytes
  • minimumCompressionSize must be an Integer which greater than or equal 0.
  • If contentEncoding is not configured, minimumCompressionSize will be set to default value which is 0 bytes.
  • If you want to disable Content Encoding, set minimumCompressionSize to null.


This plugin will be triggered during deployment process

$ serverless deploy


This plugin is to enable Content Encoding on API Gateway for response compression. If your are looking for binary files support, please use serverless-apigw-binary

Thanks @evgenykireev for the recommendation of using MinimumCompressionSize in CloudFormation instead of CreateDeployment API