Serverless Configuration

Easily customize serverless.yml depending on the stage or whether running online/offline

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Serverless Configuration

This Serverless plugin allows modifying the service file according to the stage or whether the system is running under serverless offline. This plugin is similar to serverless-plugin-ifelse, but with a simplified configuration method.


First, add the plugin to your project:

npm install --save-dev serverless-configuration

Then, inside your project's serverless.yml file add serverless-configuration to the top-level plugins section. If there is no plugin section you will need to add it to the file.

  - serverless-configuration


In the custom.serverless-configuration section of your serverless.yml file specify one or more qualifiers. If your current environment matches the qualifier, the provided configuration changes will be applied to the file.


A qualifier may be one of:

  • A stage name, e.g. dev, prod
  • offline to indicate the system is running in offline mode.
  • online to indicate the system is not running in offline mode.

Optionally, the qualifier may be prefixed with a minus sign (-) to apply the changes whenever the qualifier doesn't match.


Changes can be one of four types (set, add, del and merge). del should provide a list of keypaths to delete from the serverless.yml file. The other change types should provide an object whose keys denote keypaths and their values contain the data to set, add or merge at the given keypath.

  • set: replace keypath with provided value
  • add: update keypath with provided value, merging objects and appending to arrays
  • merge: update keypath with provided value, merging objects and replacing arrays
  • del: delete keypath


    -prod:                               # will apply to all stages except prod
        provider.env:                    # update the environment with these values
          DEBUG: lambda auth
          cacheMaxAge: 15
      del:                               # delete these keys
        - resources.Resources.CDN
        - resources.Resources.DomainName
    offline:                             # apply these changes when running 'sls offline'
        provider.environment.streamEndpoint: ${self:custom.vars.localKinesisEndpoint}
        - provider.environment.redisHost
        - provider.environment.redisPort


The plugin will log all the applied changes if the environment variable SLS_DEBUG is set. By convention, this variable is set to the value *, e.g.:

SLS_DEBUG=* sls offline