Serverless AWS Static File Handler

An easy way to host the front-end of your web applications on Serverless framework on AWS Lambda along with their APIs written in Serverless.

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Host the front-end of your web applications on Serverless framework on AWS Lambda right alongside the API.

It is a fast and easy way to get started and makes it trivial to deploy your web applications. If you need better response time in the future and get concerned about AWS costs of using Lambda to static content, you put CloudFront in front of your Serverless endpoints service static content.

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Usage / Quick Start

Import & initialize:

const StaticFileHandler = require('serverless-aws-static-file-handler')

# configure where to serve files from:
const clientFilesPath = path.join(__dirname, "./data-files/")
const fileHandler = new StaticFileHandler(clientFilesPath)

Define a handler in your code as follows:

module.exports.html = async (event, context) => {
  event.path = "index.html" // forcing a specific page for this handler, ignore requested path. This would serve ./data-files/index.html
  return fileHandler.get(event, context)

In your serverless.yml file, reference the handler function from above to provide routes to your static files:

    handler: handler.html
      - http:
          path: /
          method: get

  # Note Binary files work too! See configuration information below
    handler: handler.png
      - http:
          path: png
          method: get

  # The following example uses a path placeholder to serve all files directly in the /binary/ directory:
    handler: handler.binary
      - http:
        path: /binary/{pathvar+}
        method: get

To serve binary content make sure that you setup the plugin in your serverless.yml like so:

  - serverless-aws-static-file-handler/plugins/BinaryMediaTypes

      - "image/png"
      - "image/jpeg"

Some additional real-world examples are demonstrated in the examples/basic/ directory as well as a serverless-offline-specific example in examples/serverless-offline/.

Prerequisites / Usage Requirements

Requires Node.js latest, LTS, or v10 (tested).

Requires Serverless Framework v1.x. If you are new to the Serverless Framework, check out the Serverless Framework Getting Started Guide.


Install with yarn (yarn add serverless-aws-static-file-handler) or npm (npm install serverless-aws-static-file-handler --save-prod)


  • Simple to get started
  • Works with text files such as HTML or binary files such as images or fonts

Contributing 🤝

This is a community project. We invite your participation through issues and pull requests! You can peruse the contributing guidelines.

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License 📝

Copyright © 2017

This project is MIT licensed.