Serverless Apig S3

Serve static front-end content from S3 via the API Gateway and deploy client bundle to S3.

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This Serverless plugin automates the process of both configuring AWS to serve static front-end content and deploying your client-side bundle.

It creates an S3 bucket to hold your front-end content, and adds two routes to API Gateway:

  • GET / => bucket/index.html
  • GET /assets/* => bucket/*

This allows your API and front-end assets to be served from the same domain, sidestepping any CORS issues. CloudFront is also not used. The combination of these two properties makes this plugin a good fit for a dev stage environment.


npm i -D serverless-apig-s3

This plugin requires node > 7.6 because fuck callbacks.



 - serverless-apig-s3

    dist: client/dist    # path within service to find content to upload (default: client/dist)
    dotFiles: true       # include files beginning with a dot in resources and uploads (default: false)
    topFiles: true       # create routes for top-level files in dist folder (default: false)
    resourceName: static # route path for static assets (default: assets)
    resourcePath: /dist  # path prefix for assets in s3 bucket (default: '')


sls deploy    # ensure that sls deploy has been run so that this plugin's resources exist.
sls client deploy    # uploads client build artifacts to s3

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