Serverless enables developers to prototype new features and get to market, fast. Our Serverless Partner Network is full of serverless-forward organizations, vetted by us, who are experts on modern development stacks and serverless ecosystems. Feel free to start up a conversation with them about your business needs.


New York, New York

Theodo is a serverless consultancy and development agency founded in 2009. Their 250 full-stack engineers help companies like Raytheon Technologies and LVMH build complex digital products and accelerate serverless transformation. Theodo embeds its teams and transfers expertise to its clients throughout projects. They have been early serverless enthusiasts and manage to contribute substantially to the ecosystem while remaining cloud-provider agnostic.


Bengaluru, India

AntStack is a cloud computing service and consulting company primarily focusing on serverless computing. From startups, small and medium businesses to large enterprises, we let organizations leverage the power of serverless computing across multiple cloud providers. We not only focus on serverless architecture but also work on Frontend technologies which make us a full-stack serverless company. AntStack has a strong focus on keeping things simple and making technology invisible.

Serverless Guru

Portland, Oregon

Serverless and Cloud Native event-driven development experts. They were founded on the notion that Serverless technologies and innovations will become the base of the software industry in the next 5-10 years. They believe that everything that can be automated effectively should be automated and that leveraging fully managed solutions will be the ONLY way software development is done at scale in the future.


South Bend, Indiana

Born in the cloud and 100% focused on AWS infrastructure, Trek10 specializes in leveraging the absolute best tools and AWS platform services to design, build, and support serverless and event-driven architectures for our clients. Trek10 excels at building complete serverless applications for use-cases such as IOT, media management, data-processing pipelines, and more.


Leeds & London, UK

With clients all over the world and a passion for everything digital, Parallax is growing fast and committed to providing excellence in digital media services. We rise to a challenge and we love our customers, which means you’ll always get a personal service from us and the very best products at the end of the project.


Hamburg, Germany

Code, not servers. Use serverless to modernize existing applications and give IT organizations a lean makeover - reduce development time and effort, unburden SRE and operations teams, refocus on building user code and features, and further improve business agility by bringing new solutions to users quicker.


Los Angeles, CA

Mode2 provides software development and consulting services to help companies successfully transform workloads with serverless architectures. We use a combination of training, reusable code assets, partner tools, developer mentoring, and our collective experience to increase developer velocity and assure successful project delivery.


Lviv, Ukraine

TechMagic is a tech consulting company from Eastern Europe specialized in building complex serverless architectures for web and mobile products, using JavaScript, AWS, Salesforce, and Native Mobile.

99X Technology

Colombo, Sri Lanka & Oslo, Norway

99X Technology is an award-winning software product engineering company that specialises in delivering high-end software product development services to independent software vendors (ISVs) worldwide, with a primary focus within the European region.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sinapsis seeks a simpler world by building digital products, adding technology and innovation as part of your organization. We help organizations in the construction of web, mobile and IoT solutions in order to achieve their objectives and transform ideas into web and mobile applications with a strong focus on construction, measurement and learning.


New York City, New York

Kenzan is a software engineering and full service digital consulting firm that provides customized, end-to-end solutions that align technical strategy with business goals. Combining leadership with technical expertise, Kenzan works with partners and clients to craft solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology, from ideation to development and delivery. Specializing in application and platform development, architecture consulting and digital transformation, Kenzan empowers companies to put technology first.

Coding Sans

Budapest, Hungary

Full-stack JavaScript development company, creating serverless cross-platform and web applications. Serverless apps, web application development in Hungary.

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