What is Serverless Development?

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Welcome to the serverless way and the serverless full stack application course. My name is Gareth McCumskey. I am a solutions architect at serverless and I have spent almost four years now building serverless applications of various types and for various organizations and I now work with serverless customers to develop their solutions and support their serverless development efforts.

This course is intended for anyone who wants to learn more about serverless development. If you are new to this way of building web applications, you can go through the entire course from start to finish. It makes no assumptions about your current understanding of serverless development. Alternatively, you may be someone who has already used the serverless framework to some degree and now just looking to fill the gaps. In either case, this course is for you.

Section one introduces you to the concepts of serverless, what problem serverless development in general is trying to solve and what it is and why the serverless framework is good for that.

Section two, we'll spend some more time going over what cloud computing means and what the various services are that AWS provides us and what makes them so useful. AWS will be the cloud vendor we focus on primarily throughout this course.

The course is designed to be modular, allowing anyone at any level the ability to skip the sections they need or most interested in. But it also has a consistent theme across all sections.

From section three onwards, we will be building our very own web application from start to finish, frontend to backend service by service. Along the way, we will be investigating various topics of interests such as what microservices are and why they are a good pattern for our application, how to choose the right database for our service, creating API APIs in detail, communication between us services and a lot more.

Our application will be built for and deployed to AWS, but we will be building our application in a way that minimizes the dependency on a single cloud vendor.

And lastly, we have a vibrant community of other serverless developers at our forums and on our Slack workspace that you can converse with, ask questions of, and even help others also learning how to build serverless applications.

So click next to continue to the first section that will begin to introduce you to the fundamental concepts behind what it means to be serverless.

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