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What is Serverless?

Serverless is a movement. It’s a movement driven by developers and businesses who realize that software is eating the world, but you will be eaten too if you build & maintain all of it yourself. It’s a movement that demands that the most menial parts of building an application be abstracted away so that developers are free to actually spend their time delivering business value.

It’s a movement that is defined by empowering developers to single-handedly build apps that handle production level traffic. They don’t have to actively manage scaling their infrastructure. They don't have to provision servers, or pay for resources that go unused. They can just focus on building.

Ultimately, Serverless is about developers focusing their efforts on what provides value to their users (and not wasting time on anything else). Upgrading your Linux distro does not provide value to users. Managing your Kubernetes cluster does not provide value to users. Shipping product that solves problems provides value to users.

The Serverless 10 Commandments

These are the principles that define the Serverless movement.

1. Build only what differentiates you, outsource what doesn't.

2. Favor serverless cloud services, stateless compute, events, APIs & open-source.

3. Code is a liability. Keep it to a minimum.

4. No instances, servers or containers, unless there is no other way.

5. Establish customer satisfaction as the highest priority of engineering.

6. To deliver the best possible outcomes, maintain the freedom to choose the best possible services.

7. Focus on product goals and experience over technology.

8. Compose and configure, before writing code.

9. Own the full lifecycle of everything you build.

10. Deploy is the new commit.

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