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Case Studies

Hundreds of teams use the Serverless Framework to launch robust applications in a fraction of the time. Read their use cases and stories here.


How BuildCenter and Serverless Guru Streamlined Their Serverless Development Cycle

BuildCenter makes digital tools for builders. Learn how Serverless Guru helped them streamline their operations using Serverless Framework.

How Shamrock transacts billions of dollars with Serverless Framework Enterprise

See how Shamrock’s serverless invoicing system handles billions of dollars of transactions with no active scaling required. Plus: their multi-cloud approach with AWS and Google.

AO.com: the path to Serverless First

The SCV team at AO.com started with one serverless service. They were so impressed with the turnaround time and low maintenance overhead that the entire team went Serverless First.

SQQUID: a 100% serverless startup

Sqquid uses AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework for their core product and marketing website. See what it’s like to be a fully serverless startup.

How Droplr Scales to Millions With The Serverless Framework

Droplr is used to share 1000s of screencasts and files every day. Here's how they empowered their growth with the Serverless Framework.

Why we switched from docker to serverless

Why we decided to migrate our services running on docker containers to serverless stack using aws lambda functions and aws api gateway

How the US Department of Defense is Streamlining Open Source Contributions with Serverless Code

Learn how the Defense Digital Service at the Pentagon used Serverless to automate the Developer Certificate of Origin process for contributors.

How Reuters Replaced WebSockets with Amazon Cognito and SQS

How to implement long-polling via Amazon Cognito and SQS

One Chatbot, Two Millions Fans - How AbstractAI Reduced Back-End Costs By 95%

How Serverless Partner AbstractAI leveraged the Serverless Framework and Lambda to reduce the cost of running back-end services by 95%.

Better DevOps with AWS Lambda + API Gateway and the Serverless Framework

Guest author Nick den Engelsman writes about streamlining DevOps and why he and his team at BandLab decided on AWS Lambda + API Gateway and the Serverless Framework.

Scaling to millions of requests with the Serverless Framework

Learn how Parallax built An Infinitely Scalable Online Recording Campaign For David Guetta & UEFA.

Using Serverless Technology to Bootstrap the Platform for a Billion Dollar Business Opportunity

How SC5 used Serverless to create the backend for a revolutionary transportation app.

New to serverless?

To get started, pop open your terminal & run:

npm install serverless -g