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Full-Stack Application Development on AWS

The aim of this course is to take you from being new to Serverless to building a multi-service, fully production ...

Created by

Gareth McCumskey

1 hr 45 min

Serverless for Frontend Developers

Learn variety of ways you can use the Serverless Framework, and serverless technologies generally, in your frontend...

Created by

Fernando Medina Corey

2 hr 30 min


Step-by-step guide to setting up an AWS account

A detailed walkthrough in setting up an AWS account.

2:25 min

Deploying to AWS via Serverless Dashboard

Learn how to create Serverless account to help manage your deployments.

6:06 min

Build serverless endpoint using Serverless Framework

This tutorial walks through using a simple API endpoint using SLS.

5:33 min

What happens when you execute "serverless deploy"?

When we use the "serverless deploy" command, what actually happens behind the scenes? We cover that in this tutorial.

2:16 min

Different options for building serverless frontends

In this video, you'll learn a few of the options for developing and deploying frontend applications on AWS.

2:55 min

Serverless Service Guides

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