AWS - deploy

The sls deploy command deploys your entire service via CloudFormation. Run this command when you have made infrastructure changes (i.e., you edited serverless.yml). Use serverless deploy function -f myFunction when you have made code changes and you want to quickly upload your updated code to AWS Lambda or just change function configuration.

serverless deploy


  • --config or -c Name of your configuration file, if other than serverless.yml|.yaml|.js|.json.
  • --stage or -s The stage in your service that you want to deploy to.
  • --region or -r The region in that stage that you want to deploy to.
  • --package or -p path to a pre-packaged directory and skip packaging step.
  • --verbose Shows all stack events during deployment, and display any Stack Output.
  • --force Forces a deployment to take place.
  • --function or -f Invoke deploy function (see above). Convenience shortcut - cannot be used with --package.
  • --conceal Hides secrets from the output (e.g. API Gateway key values).
  • --aws-s3-accelerate Enables S3 Transfer Acceleration making uploading artifacts much faster. You can read more about it here. It requires additional s3:PutAccelerateConfiguration permissions. Note: When using Transfer Acceleration, additional data transfer charges may apply.
  • --no-aws-s3-accelerate Explicitly disables S3 Transfer Acceleration. It also requires additional s3:PutAccelerateConfiguration permissions.


After the serverless deploy command runs, the framework runs serverless package in the background first then deploys the generated package.


Deployment without stage and region options

serverless deploy

This is the simplest deployment usage possible. With this command Serverless will deploy your service to the defined provider in the default stage (dev) to the default region (us-east-1).

Deployment with stage and region options

serverless deploy --stage production --region eu-central-1

With this example we've defined that we want our service to be deployed to the production stage in the region eu-central-1.

Deployment from a pre-packaged directory

serverless deploy --package /path/to/package/directory

With this example, the packaging step will be skipped and the framework will start deploying the package from the /path/to/package/directory directory.

Environment variables

  • SLS_AWS_MONITORING_FREQUENCY allows the adjustment of the deployment monitoring frequency time in ms, default is 5000.
SLS_AWS_MONITORING_FREQUENCY=10000 serverless deploy
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