Serverless slack trevorbot

Slack bot for info on where in the world is Trevor Gerhardt?


A bot that figures out where a bunch of people are... especially Trevor. Intended for use with AWS Lambda + Slack.


Create a config.json file based off of the config-example.json file. If a person has a Nomad List account, be sure to note that. Otherwise, add home locations.

To use with Google Calendar, you'll need to authorize a user that has view access to others' calendars. The way I did this was get a refresh_token by using the Google Calendar API quickstart script. Create a credentials.json file based off of the credentials-example.json file. Also, add a mapzen api key.


Have an AWS account setup and credentials stored on your computer. Setup a Slack webhook for the bot.

Install serverless via npm i -g serverless

Then run serverless deploy