Serverless DotNet BoilerPlate

A serverless starter solution for .NET Core, ready for local debugging in VS Code, HTTP Endpoint, etc.

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serverlessDotNetStarter .NET 6

Starter template for serverless framework with following scope:

  • deploy C# / NET 6 solution in AWS cloud using:
    • Lambda
    • Api Gateway
  • debug and test solution locally in Visual Studio Code
  • works operating system independent

Prerequisites to install

Verify that everything is installed (copy & paste)

# package manager for nodejs
npm -v
# serverless framework cli > 1.5
sls -v
# dotnet (cli) > 6.0
dotnet --version

Installation (copy & paste)

# clone solution
# serverless create --template-url --path {SERVICE_NAME}
serverless create --template-url --path serverlessDotNetStarter
cd serverlessDotNetStarter
# restore / install dotnet references described in csproj file
dotnet restore AwsDotnetCsharp.csproj

# install Lambda NET Mock Test Tool and Amazon Lambda Tools
# more details:

dotnet tool install -g Amazon.Lambda.Tools
dotnet tool install --global Amazon.Lambda.TestTool-6.0
dotnet tool list -g

# required dotnet packages:
# Package Id                      Version      Commands
#amazon.lambda.testtool-6.0      0.12.4       dotnet-lambda-test-tool-6.0             5.4.5        dotnet-lambda

For VS Code Debugging:

code --install-extension ms-dotnettools.csharp --force

Debug & Test locally

I followed this guideline: (Please read in case of issues)

How to Debug .NET Core Lambda Functions Locally with the Serverless Framework

1. Open Visual Studio Code

# open Visual Studio Code
code .

2. Setup Amazon Lambda Testtool

Edit the "program" property in .vscode/launch.json file and update placeholder for {user} (placeholders marked in bold)

For Windows

"program": /Users/{user}/.dotnet/tools/dotnet-lambda-test-tool-6.0
For MacOs / Linux

"program": /Users/{user}/.dotnet/tools/dotnet-lambda-test-tool-6.0

More information:

In case of issues - try this:

  "program": /Users/{user}/.dotnet/tools/.store/amazon.lambda.testtool-6.0/{nuget-version}/amazon.lambda.testtool-6.0/{nuget-version}/tools/net6.0/any/Amazon.Lambda.TestTool.WebTester6.0.dll",

how to get the right nuget version ?

   dotnet tool list -g

    Package Id                      Version                   Commands
    amazon.lambda.testtool-6.0      e.g. version 0.12.4       dotnet-lambda-test-tool-6.0

3. Press F5 to start the debugging and local testing of lambda function

  • Hint: Lambda Mock Test Tool should be started locally on port 5050
  • Click on Button "Execute Function"

Image description

you should get hello world as a result.

Test Another Example: getquerystring

  1. Select function to getquerystring (upper right dropdownlist)

  2. Insert this json value in the function input textbox for a first test:

      "httpMethod": "GET",
      "queryStringParameters": {
        "foo": "dfgdfg",
        "woot": "food"

Mind: For a successful response querystringParameter foo must be inserted

Build Package

Mac OS or Linux




Deploy via Serverless Framework

serverless deploy

A cloudformation stack in AWS will be created in background containing all needed resources

After successful deployment you can see following output

Service Information
service: myService
stage: dev
region: us-east-1
stack: myService-dev
resources: 10
api keys:
  GET - endpointUrl --- https://{api}
  hello: myService-dev-hello

Test endpoint after deployment

2 simple options:

Use the endpointUrl from up above.

curl https://{api}
curl https://{api}

Mind: For a successful response of function getquerystring the querystringParameter foo must be inserted


Can I use the solution with Visual Studio IDE (2017 or 2019)
  1. Yes. Here`s the guideline.
How to add an api key
  1. Setup API Key in serverless.yml file
How to add additional lambda functions
  1. Create a new C# Function in Handler.cs or use another file
  2. Add a new function to serverless.yml and reference the C# Function as handler
Destroy the stack in the cloud
sls remove
I deployed the solution but I get back a http 500 error
  1. Check Cloudwatch Logs in AWS - the issue should be describe there.
  2. For a successful response of function getquerystring the querystringParameter foo must be inserted
How can I change the lambda region or stack name

Please have a look to the serverless guideline: