Serverless python sample

A simple serverless python sample with REST API endpoints and dependencies

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Serverless Python Sample


A simple serverless python sample. The service is running on AWS Lambda using Serverless Framework.

The service has a dependency on external package (requests) and it exposes 2 REST API endpoints:

Endpoint Description
GET /posts Retrieves a list of posts
GET /posts/{id} Retrieves a specific post (e.g. GET /posts/5)



Step Command Description
1. npm install -g serverless Install Serverless CLI
2. npm install Install Serverless dependencies
3. Set up an AWS account with admin permissions Documentation


Step Command Description
1. mkvirtualenv posts Create virtual environment (using virtualenvwrapper)
2. pip install -r requirements.txt Install dependencies


sls deploy


curl <host>/posts
curl <host>/posts/5

Tips & Tricks

help command

Just use it on anything:

sls  help


sls <command> --help

deploy function command

Deploy only one function:

sls deploy function -f <function-name>

logs command

Tail the logs of a function:

sls logs -f <function-name> -t

info command

Information about the service (stage, region, endpoints, functions):

sls info

invoke command

Run a specific function with a provided input and get the logs

sls invoke -f <function-name> -p event.json -l


JSONPlaceholder by @typicode is used for the posts backend.