Serverless postgraphql

GraphQL endpoint for PostgreSQL using postgraphql

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Serverless graphql endpoint for PostgresSQL database using AWS, serverless and postgraphql

Official lambda implementation from the postgraphql-creators:

How to use my implementation:


💾 Install Serverless

👯 Clone the repo

git clone
cd serverless-postgraphql

💾 Install

npm install

🚀 Rebuild and Deploy

npm run rebuild-and-deploy

☕ Coffeetime: AWS takes ~10min to setup the Postgres DB

  • From the result of the serverless deployment take the pgEndpoint and insert it in:
    • package.json-file in the config of PGCON (line 7)
    • serverless.yml-file in the environment-variable named PGCON (line 21)

🚀 Rebuild and Deploy Again

npm run rebuild-and-deploy

You are all set now. You can now query the resulting endpoint as you wish via POST and GET.

One example to authenticate a user would be:

mutation {
  authenticate(input: {email: "", password: "iFbWWlc"}) {

You can try this by entering the following in your browser:


For most other queries you need to be authorised. Authorization in postgraphql is done via the jwtToken. Set this in your following requests as Authorization header:

Authorization: Bearer eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJhIjoxLCJiIjoyLCJjIjozfQ.hxhGCCCmGV9nT1slief1WgEsOsfdnlVizNrODxfh1M8

Running Locally

💾 Install Postgres 🐘

⌨️ Initialize the database

npm run init-local-db

⌨️ Run the local server

npm run local-server