Serverless api typescript template

A starter template for a Serverless API using Typescript and Jest

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Serverless API: Typescript and Jest Template

A Serverless API template using Typescript and Jest.

This setup uses AWS as the provider.

To use your own provider, edit the serverless.yml as needed. The endpoint for the tests to run against will also need to be set to be more specific to your provider.

Getting up and running

First install serverless and get that up and running. documentation here.

You can use the standard sls commands or utilise the npm scripts in the project.


npm install

Deployment - Dev

npm run deploy

Deployment - Prod

npm run deploy:prod

To remove:

npm run remove

API interactions

The API url can be found either the console output, or programatically accessed via the .serverless/output.json object.

GET: Healthcheck

Test the service is up



This template uses Jest (Typescript) to run its tests.

To test, first deploy the application to your desired AWS stack. Then run

npm run test

This will use the generated API url to automatically test the application.