Serverless ReactJS Universal Rendering Boilerplate

ReactJS web app Starter kit does universal (isomorphic) rendering with Serverless

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This project is the starter kit for the who wants to use ReactJS isomorphic-rendering with Serverless framework (AWS).

--- The Demo & Docs is now available! ---

  • React16+

  • React-Router v4

  • Other dependencies


  • TypeScript - Basic language

  • ReactJS - Frontend library

  • Redux - App state manager

  • Serverless - managing AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and the others within cloud-formation


  • Add server side rendering dev tool like Razzle
  • Add TEST

Before Start

  • This isn't free to start. Because it uses AWS's several services(Lambda, API Gateway, S3, CloudFront, CloudFormation, (Route53))*
  1. Set AWS Credential You should set AWS IAM Role and account setting. visit below guide and precede AWS settings before run deploying script Serverless AWS account setting guide

  2. Make S3 Bucket to upload your bundled S3

Make S3 Bucket
(If you can connect this with CDN like the Cloudfront, the script loading speed will be better. But in this case you should change some code in deploy logic and normal logic too.)

Set S3 Bucket information in <root_directory>/scripts/builds/config.ts

How to install

git clone
cd beyond.ts
npm install

How to use

Running dev server

npm run dev

Build production script

at staging server

npm run deploy:stage

at production server

npm run deploy:prod

Logs in Terminal (please read serverless official docs)

npm i -g serverless
serverless logs -f [function name] -s [stage name]
ex) serverless logs -f ssr -s stage

If you want to watch logs in watch mode(continuously), just run with -t option

serverless logs -f [function name] -s [stage name] -t

deploy process

  1. Make and Apply new git tag for SCM and destination path.
  2. Make bundled JS files for server-side and browser-side.
  3. Upload bundled JS files to S3 and Remove browser side bundled JS.
  4. Copy package.json that only for serverless to dist folder.
  5. Install all packages in dist folder and zip them with bundled JS.
  6. Deploy Lambda and relevant packages by using serverless


  • Add server side rendering dev tool like Razzle
  • Add TEST
  • Minimize node_modules size