Serverless Boilerplate - OpenWhisk - Python

Make sure serverless is installed. See installation guide.

You will also need to set up your OpenWhisk account credentials using environment variables or a configuration file. Please see the this guide for more information.

1. Install Project Dependencies

npm install in this directory to download the modules from package.json.

2. Deploy

serverless deploy or sls deploy. sls is shorthand for the Serverless CLI command

$ serverless deploy
Serverless: Packaging service...
Serverless: Compiling Functions...
Serverless: Compiling API Gateway definitions...
Serverless: Compiling Rules...
Serverless: Compiling Triggers & Feeds...
Serverless: Deploying Functions...
Serverless: Deploying Triggers...
Serverless: Binding Feeds To Triggers...
Serverless: Deploying Rules...
Serverless: Deployment successful!
Service Information
namespace: _
service: python_service

3. Monitor function logs

After sixty seconds the function should be executed and you can review the logging output using serverless logs --function cron or serverless logs -f cron

$ serverless logs -f cron
activation (78ebd109b3bd4da5bb20c13bd2982319):
2028 16:51:01.539 Your cron function / ran at 15:51:01.538616

For more information on the Serverless OpenWhisk plugin, please see the project repository: