OpenWhisk Simple HTTP Endpoint example in NodeJS

This example demonstrates how to setup a simple HTTP GET endpoint.

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Serverless Boilerplate - OpenWhisk - Node.js

Make sure serverless is installed. See installation guide.

You will also need to set up your OpenWhisk account credentials using environment variables or a configuration file. Please see the this guide for more information.

1. Install Provider Plugin & Service Dependencies

npm install in this directory to download the modules from package.json.

2. Deploy

serverless deploy or sls deploy. sls is shorthand for the Serverless CLI command

Make a note of the API endpoint that is logged to the console during deployment.

Serverless: Configured API endpoint:

3. Invoke deployed function

serverless invoke --function time or serverless invoke -f time

-f is shorthand for --function

In your terminal window you should see the response from Apache OpenWhisk

    "payload": "The time in Europe/London is: 16:01:14."

4. Test HTTP endpoint

Use a HTTP client to access the endpoint for your function. The endpoint will be the API gateway root path, logged during deployment, and your configured function path.

$ http get
    "payload": "The time in Europe/London is: 16:01:07."
$ http get
    "payload": "The time in Europe/Berlin is: 17:01:11."

For more information on the Serverless OpenWhisk plugin, please see the project repository: