Kubeless Serverless Simple function example in Python

This example demonstrates a simple function example in Python.

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Serverless Boilerplate - Kubeless - Python

Make sure kubeless and serverless are installed. See the respective installation guides:

Please see the this guide for more information.

1. Install Service Dependencies

Run npm install in this directory to download the modules from package.json.

2. Deploy

Run serverless deploy in order to deploy the function defined in serverless.yml

$ serverless deploy
Serverless: Packaging service...
Serverless: Deploying function: hello...
Serverless: Function hello succesfully deployed

3. Invoke deployed function

Run serverless invoke --function hello --log --data "Bob"

In your terminal window you should see the response from Kubernetes.

$ sls invoke --function hello --data 'Bob' --log
Serverless: Calling function: hello...
Hello Bob!

For more information on the Serverless Kubeless plugin, please see the project repository: https://github.com/serverless/serverless-kubeless.