AWS | Line Echo Bot

This is a simple echo bot on LINE bot.



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Step #1 - npm install serverless -g
Step #2 - serverless install -u -n  aws-python-line-echo-bot


This is a simple echo bot on LINE bot. (python)

Before you start

  1. LINE developer account
  2. LINE Messaging API

Get Started

  1. Install serverless via npm
$ npm install -g serverless
  1. Setup your AWS ceritficate
$ export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<your-key-here>
$ export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<your-secret-key-here>
  1. Setup you line bot secret & key
line_bot_api = LineBotApi('YOUR_CHANNEL_ACCESS_TOKEN')
handler = WebhookHandler('YOUR_CHANNEL_SECRET')
  1. Deploy the webhook function
$ npm install
$ serverless deploy

Echo bot

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npm install serverless -g