AWS | Shared Gateway Example

A sample of implementing shared API gateway with multiple Node Lambdas


Allan Chua

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Step #1 - npm install serverless -g
Step #2 - serverless install -u -n  aws-node-shared-gateway

Shared AWS API Gateway

Working on production projects would often require the usage of a shared API gateway between multiple Lambda functions. This repository showcases how to deploy multiple Lambda functions that are attached on a single API gateway.

Add execution permission to CI deploy + decomission scripts.

chmod +x .\
chmod +x .\

Configure your AWS Deployment Account

Provide an AWS account that have sufficient access so that serverless can deploy the stack.

serverless config credentials --provider aws --key YOUR_AWS_ACCESS_KEY --secret YOUR_AWS_SECRET_KEY

Deploying the API Gateway + Lambda Stack

To deploy the


Decomission all resources

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To get started, pop open your terminal & run:

npm install serverless -g