Serverless Screenshot to S3

An example serverless stack which takes a screenshot using aws-chrome-lambda and puts it in s3. NodeJS.

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This stack sets up a Lambda and a S3 bucket. The Lambda when invoked will navigate to the url, take a screenshot and upload the screenshot to the S3 bucket.

The lambda optionally takes in an event object with a specified url to navigate to

    "url" : ""

This lambda uses chrome-aws-lambda and puppeteer-core to take the screenshots.



Go into the serverless.yml file and specify a bucket name

# Specify your bucket name here
  bucketName: "your-bucket-name"


Then in this directory run:

  • npm i
  • sls deploy

How to Use

Once this stack is deployed, you can either invoke the lambda through the management console or through the command line.

If by the command line, ensure that you have your aws credentials set - configure aws credentials

You can either invoke the function on it's own using:

sls invoke --function screenshotToS3

or provide a path to an event object that contains an url

sls invoke --function screenshotToS3 --path example-event.json

The lambda will return the entity tag and url of the object if successful in json format.

    "screenshotUrl": "https://<your-bucket-name><uuid-4>.png",
    "ETag": "\"5b8ca437b8eb3c9d102b53cf07bc242a\""