Serverless Framework
A unified view of your Serverless applications, featuring monitoring, alerting, deployments & much more.
Serverless Framework Dashboard

A single pane for your applications & services

With the Serverless Framework Dashboard you get a single view of all your applications and services across your organization. All deployed services are organized into applications, services, and instances so you can see what is deployed across stages and regions.

The Dashboard provides visibility into everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Get visibility into deployments, metrics, alerts and logs without ever needing to sift through the AWS Console or other tools.

Centrally configure stage-specific settings

Not all environments are created equally - what might be ok to do in development may not be ok to do in dashboardion. The Serverless Framework enables you to group common secrets, safeguards, AWS accounts, output variables, and parameters into profiles so you can centrally configure them once and share them across your services stage-by-stage. When you deploy, your services will automatically use the right configurations so you never have to worry about misconfigured deployments.

Securely manage and use secrets and AWS accounts

The Serverless Framework provides two powerful ways to enable admins to securely manage and share secrets like API keys and AWS accounts without having to distribute or copy any sensitive data.

Admins can set secrets like API Keys in the dashboard and developers can easily use, but not view, those secrets when deploying. Serverless Framework automatically picks the right set of secrets for the right environment.

With AWS Access Roles you can have Serverless Framework generate short-lived credentials at deploy time so you no longer need to distribute AWS access keys. Once the deployment is done, the credentials are thrown out.

Serverless for Teams

The Serverless Framework takes collaboration to a new level. Add your entire team to the Dashboard so they can collaborate on their services while limiting access to sensitive resources. Collaboration is built into every feature of the Dashboard.

For example, shared output variables enable developers to easily share state across independent services in a microservices architecture and the deep Github integration enables developers to work seamlessly across Github and the Serverless Framework.

See full architecture diagrams with time-to-market estimates for use cases.